(Updated) 2Vin App Unlimited Gifts Trick ( Non Rooted Device )

(Loot) 2Vin App Unlimited Gifts Trick ( Non Rooted Device ) – I know you all know about 2 vin app which is giving recharges and gifts like Mobile Phones.They are giving 50 points to sign up and 50 points per referring.You can win Mi phones and also iPhone.But you need many points so it is very difficult too but don’t panic Pb tricks is always with this is the best unlimited trick in which you no need of download app again and again and no new number online method so follow steps and win huge prizes.

How To Get Into 2Vin App Gifts Loot:

  1. If you did not download 2 vin App Download from here.
  2. Now just sign up with Facebook.
  3. Voila! You got 50 points.
  4. If you do not get it so go to menu and click on Have a Refer code option?.
  5. And write 27770 and click on share option you got Rs 50 points.
  6. Now  before continuing look at prizes.

2vin App

2Vin App Loot Unlimited Trick:

  1. At first Get your refer code .
  2. Now there is important part  your refer link is like this www.2vin.com/r/27770 just make changes like this www.2vin.com/?ref=27770
  3. Now just paste your newly created into link into any browser.
  4. Now the big hit you will redirected to their website.
  5. Now just sign up with new Facebook account you get your referral credits in your old account.
  6. So this is big loot.

Now you also think How to make Too many Fb accounts I also have a trick for this 

How to make unlimited Facebook Account:

  1. First You Need to visit here.
  2. Now you see a temporary E mail on the top.
  3. Copy The E mail Do not close that tab
  4. Now open a new tab and go to Facebook.
  5. Click on create a new account.
  6. Enter fake details and in E-mail options enter that E. Mail which you copied.
  7. Now click on Sign up.
  8. Your Fb account is ready.
  9. Now open that tab in which temporary E-mail site is open.
  10. Now refresh that page.
  11. Now you will see an email from FB to verify your account.
  12. open the mail and verify your account
  13. Voila, your new account is ready to use.


  • Always open refer link in an incognito tab in chrome or UC.
  • Every time after successful refers change your IP address by turning off your data and again on it.

Please Note – Refer credits are coming in 7 to 8 hours.

So Just loot 2vin App and This is a genuine app you get your Gift assured. (Loot) 2Vin App Loot Unlimited Gifts Trick ( Non Rooted Device  Hack) – You can Earn Unlimited Points with Unlimited 2vin App Loot Trick. 2Vin Hacked Trick

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