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There are many ways to earn money on the internet. Now a days the newbie is searching for the way to earn real cash in their account.So Pbtricks has brought to you the latest trick to earn money with easiest way. By this way you can earn very easily lot of amounts in very few days


Here comes with the highest payout of referral per click(1$).And the special feature of this is that it is auto transferable to your eatning account whatever you earned in your referral money.

Earn dollars in this way:

  1. Visit this page here
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Now copy your referral link and share with your friend.
  4. It will pay you 1$ per referral
  5. Referral amount will be added and once it reaches the payout amount(15$) then it will be transferred to your paypal account.

Payment can be redeemed via different method. Best way is paypal.Because it takes very few time to get your money transferred.And if your papal is autotransferrable then it will automatically go to your account.Or you can manually transfer paypal money to your bank account.But the minimum transferring amount is 10$.

Terms and conditions:

  1. Do not do any fraudulent activity.
  2. If done then it may lead to loss of your payout money.
  3. Every time website has the authority to suspend your earning.

So start your earning in dollars. And do share this ideas…………

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