Free Internet Trick For Den Boomband BroadBand Users

Hello, Friends Today  One More Amazing Trick For Den Boom band Users. We Can Get Free Internet Via Den Boom band As Now A Days There Are Many Private Broadband Companies Den Is One Of Them Which Provides Amazing Speed From 5 to 100 Mbps. So The Trick Is On a Simple Logic i.e It Depends On Your Previously Opted Plan, I Will Explain In Brief: If You Have 5 Mbps Plan Previously So You Will Get Unlimited Free Internet For Free With 5 Mbps Speed.

Den Boomband internet

Steps to Get Free Internet for Den Boomband BroadBand Users:

  1. First Of All, You Should Know Your User Id.
  2. Your Plan Must Be Expired i.e. The Validity Of The Plan Should Be Expired Already
  3. Call Their Customer Support Number i.e. 18004193030
  4. Choose Your Desired Language
  5. Wait for Till The Customer Support Executive Responds
  6. Ask Him That You Want To Activate Demo Plan For Recharging Your Account.
  7. Then He Will Confirm Your Account Details (User Id And Registered Contact Number)
  8. Then You Will Receive A Message That Your Den Boom Band Connection Has Been Recharged With Rs 0.00
  9. Wohooo! You Have Successfully Activated Your Den Boom Band Connection For Free

Important Note:

  • The Demo Plan Is Activated With 24Hrs Validity.
  • You Can Call The Customer Care And Ask For Recharge Every Second Day
  • There Is No Limit For The Internet Usage It Is Unlimited
  • The Customer Care Will Say That It Is Activated With 1Mbps Download Speed But Don’t Be Sad It Will Be With Your Previous Plans Speed.
  • No Blockage
  • You Will Only Get Your Previous Plan’s Speed Don’t Expect For High Speed Than Your Previous Plan’s Speed 🙁
  • The Usage Will Not Be Limited Like Your Previous Plan The Usage Will be Unlimited 😀


  • No Buffering

We all surf the internet but ever heard of surfing without any buffering or lagging? DEN Boomband brings to you, for the first time in India, the experience of superfast surfing. Now, watch everything in streaming.

  • Super Download Speed

What’s the point of having an internet connection if you have to wait for hours to download even one song? Well, DEN Boomband is different. With the speed of up to 100 Mbps, you can download anything in seconds. And while you’re downloading stuff, you can play games, do video chat etc., all at the same time.

  • DOCSIS 3.0 Technology

DEN Boomband uses DOCSIS 3.0 Technology. It is the same technology which is used across the world for high-speed internet and has the capability to deliver an astounding speed of 1 Gbps. So, get DEN Boomband and experience what Internet should be like.

  • Cost effective

Acche Din is here. DEN Boomband not only promises super fast internet speed but also connection plans which are extremely economical. In fact, if you compare the DEN Boomband plans with your current internet plan, you will realise that Boomband plans are pakka-value-for-money.

Video Tutorial:

Don’t Think Much It Is Legally 😀

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