Freecharge OTP Bypass Trick to Create Unlimited accounts with one number

Hello Guys!!We are back with an awesome way to earn unlimited Free Recharge from Freecharge app.You can create unlimited Freecharge accounts with one number using Freecharge OTP Bypass Trick.Its a Big loot to create Unlimited freecharge accounts with one number.You have just need one unregistered Freecharge Mobile number to create unlimited Verified Account.Here is the best trick to Bypass with OTP and create unlimited Freecharge accounts.Here is the full Guide to create Unlimited Freecharge accounts via Bypass Freecharge otp code.

Freecharge trick

How to Bypass OTP to Create Unlimited accounts from one number in Freecharge :

  1. First of All You have to Download Freecharge OLD apk
  2. Open this old app and Create a New aacount using anyone 10 Digit random or Fake numbers.
  3. After creating Freecharge acount from fake number, Go to Playstore and search “Freecharge” app.
  4. Click on “Update” Button to update old app.
  5. Open this New Freecharge app and Login with Number which You Created duration  In Step 2 .
  6. Now It will be ask to Verify Your Phone number then Enter Your Real phone number and send OTP on it.
  7. Once You will Receive OPT Code,click on Change number and remove last two digit of your mobile number. Ex : Suppose my real number is 9256456789 , so edit it and enter 9256456712.
  8. Fnally Now enter OTP code that You will Received.
  9. Voila!! Your account will successfully verified.Now You can use same number to verify again another account.

Final words :

If you think , that is there any issues in this guide, then feel free to comment below, i will try to improve this Guide. I hope you liked this Article. Thanks for visiting & keep visit here for get more Guides like this. You can Create Unlimited freecharge verified account with this awesome trick. So Guys, Now Enjoy Full Guide On Trick To Create Unlimited Freecharge Accounts Using Single Unregistered Number via Bypass otp trick.

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