Create WordPress or Blogger Website or Learn blogging

Create Modified WordPress or Blogger Website or Learn blogging

Friends today we going to learn about wordpress + hosting or blogger to blogging.You can learn wordpress + blogger here on PB tricks website.Here we teaching about wordpress or blogger in best and easiest way to earn huge money or for loving users Blogging.

#Blogger blogging:

Blogger is the best and one google platform where you can earn huge money by many ways.Blogger platform is a free and Google own modified platform where you can get Free website or if you want to own chosen name of website then choose anyone domain and set to blogger platform.If not minded these thing Then follow me and learn about blogging on blogger platform.


How to create a blog on blogger Platform?

Guide to Sign up or Login with Google+ on blogger platform:


IF you want to create a blogger website then go to and login or sign up with your google account (Gmail).If you don’t have Google account then create a new one for blogging.I tell to use your Google+ account because by Google+ you can sign up on blogger platform very easily.

Once your are logged in or sign up then click on create a new blog.

Name your website on blogger:

Now you will need to choose a name for blogging and select any domain platforms like- Godaddy or any other one.I will tell to godaddy it will be give Domain at Rs 99 only , so you can start blogging in  very low price with domain name.

You can select your blog theme from blogger platform and theme can change it anytime in future when you want to change.

Now guys click on Create blog and then you blog is ready to simple posting and then you want to choose own domain name like then follow below stepBlog NameBlog Name

You can see blogger platform Dashboard now click on posts to create a post and anyone options that you will need.Here is the pic of options like posts,overview.


If  you click on posts>new post and now start writing about any article that you want to write on your blog.Most important is that you will need pages like “About Us” So, go to pages tab and click on create a new page and then write your article on Bout us if you choose about us.

You want to change your blog theme then go to Template and click on Backup or Restore & upload a template that you want to change.

Best thing is that you can earn huge money by blogging on adsense,When anyone clicks on ad then you will get Money.You can learn more about Google Adsense by going to Learn Google Adsense on blogging.

#Wordpress + Hosting:

How to create a wordpress hosting website:

reate wordpress WeCreateWordpress

Friends you can create a WordPress hosting website by easy way.I will be tell about WordPress + hosting guide.

First step is that you will be need to create a wordpress blog + webhosting.Webhosting is a program where he store posts or media files which you write post on  wp blog or uploading media like video.So you will need web hosting to store your wp blog Data.You can buy web hosting from Bluehost or anyone other hosting.You can buy bluehost Hosing which comes in cost 6.95 per month with a free domain name.You will get a free domain name if you buy 6.95$ per month plan or not want to buy bluehost domain then buy domain name from Godaddy or any other one.You will get 4.0$ hosting from bluehost if you don’t buy free domain plan.

Now install wordpress on Bluehost hosting:

Login to your bluehost account and click on hosting tab,Now you will transferred to Bluehost cpanel to set wordpress.


Now scroll down Your cursor and search website builders option script from list and now you will take to next page of wp.


Click on “Install WordPress” and then this will be Redirect to a next page where you can make many changes & enters details about website.


After entering website details then click on Install option.


It will be redirect to next page now choose domain name that You want to install wordpress.

Click on check option and finally it will making settings to set wordpress.

Click on Advanced option and enter your wordpress username and password & Your website email address. Important is that mark or check on Automatic create a Database file.Mark on I Read Terms or conditions.


Now it will start to installing WordPress Hosting wait upto 1-2 minutes.Important is that don’t close page while installing wordpress  if you close then you will be lose.

Email will be sent about username and passwords & other details  to your Registered email address on wordpress.

You are Done.

#Wordpress Plugins:

Install some plugins which they make seo and social share buttons.Commonly plugins are Yoast plugin or Social share plugin.

#Uses of Yoast plugin:

Yoast plugin is uses to make seo in wordpress website.You will need to configure Yoast plugin on Search engines like Google or Bing search engines.You will be need a webmaster tool on Google to configure yoast on Google search engines by Google Webmaster tool.First sign up to Google webmaster tool by which google which you use to make wordpress website.After sign up on Google webmaster tool then submit your sitemapGoogle webmaster is very important to submit beacuse without Sitemap your site will not Get Carefully search permission,so it is compulsory to submit.

To submit your sitemap go to Google webmaster tool then Go to Crawl then sitemap and click on Add or Test sign up Given in Red Alpahbet in Right Hand side.Now enter “sitemap.xml” then click on submit.

Now you are ready to configure yoast plugin to Submit Seo.

Go to wordpress>Plugins>Add new and search for “Yoast seo plugin”click on Install and then go to Yoast seo and verify your site ownership.After verifying when you post anytihng then you will be get started your website on Google in very short tim upto 15-20 hours.

#Social Plugin:

Itis most important plugin to use for Facebook share or Tweet on twitter  a post.Install  this plugin by Plugins>Add new>Search Social  share>Install social share plugin and configure this plugin.

Now you will be Ready to start Your Great Business.

Thanks Like Our Guide to Create Modified wordpress and Blogger Website

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