How to Improve Android App Performance Quickly

Execution is critical to versatile applications. Google gives a great deal of preparing material to enhance execution in Android applications. A brief review of tips and methods. A far reaching way to deal with execution involves a ground-up work on viewpoints, for example,

Memory management

Language features and libraries use

Layout hierarchies

Battery life


UI responsiveness

Acing this material can be very overwhelming, so Shane Cinder and Lauren Darcy, writers of a few books on Android improvement, propose a few tips that incorporate:

Using sound coding practices

Not using the main thread for blocking operations

Keeping layouts simple and elegant

Tailoring resources to devices

Using trace view and other profiling tools.

Those tips will help you in advance when you are building up your application. What happens when you as of now have practically completed you application and find that its execution is not exactly palatable? Tut pluses Jessica Thorsby distinguishes three key regions you can without much of a stretch examine:


This happens each time the GPU paints a foundation and after that some other graphical ancient rarity above it. An excessive amount of overdraw can murder an application’s execution. Android underpins an “Investigate GPU Overdraw” mode that will highlight overdrawn ranges by utilizing diverse hues that show home ordinarily redrawing happened. So you have an idea at which zones of your format you ought to alter.

Rendering pipeline:

The time it takes to render your UI is corresponding to the quantity of perspective in your chain of command. Android SDK Hierarchy Viewer can assess a perspective progression and discover approaches to straighten it. It additionally gives profiling data about to what extent it takes for every perspective to render.

Memory leaks:

Regardless of being junk gathered, Android is not absolved from memory spills. Android Memory Monitor, which is incorporated with Android Studio, permits you to check the amount of memory your application is utilizing. Another apparatus that can help with memory holes is the Android Device Monitor’s Heap tab, which gives considerably more itemized data about which articles are really taking your gadget’s memory.

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