WiFikill app : Have You Considered to Prank Your Friends or Neighbor’s WiFi

Hello, Guys!! Today After some time, we are back again with a cool new trick or android to Pranks Your Friends by killing their WiFi connection.They will still connect but they Aren’t able to use browser  or The Internet.You can use this trick when You have the need to Download big file ten prank Your Friends or Neighbor’s WiFi by WiFikill app.This is an Android best hacking trick to Disable other users or Guests connected WiFi connection and then You use to Download some Important files.So let’s start just follow this guide and Prank Your Friends or Neighbor’s WiFi easily.


Requirements to Use WiFikill Prank trick:

  1. A Rooted Android Device.
  2. Android Device Must be version 4.x.x+
  3. WiFi Must be connected in Your Phone.

How To Prank & Kill Friends or Neighbor’s WiFi by WiFikill app: 

  1. First of all, You have to Download the app by {Click Here}.
  2. Install  this app & open it Normally.
  3. Click on “ Symbol option.
  4. Now It will start scanning After that wait up to 1- 2 Minutes.
  5. After complete scan, This will show Your WiFi IP Address like this “” (My case IP).
  6. Click on IP Address that You want to Prank their WiFi.
  7. Click on “Grab Button” & then click on “Kill” button.
  8. That’s all, Now Your Friend not able to use WiFI connection.
  9. They will still connect but not able to use anything.

For Revert Back WiFiKill Prank: 

  1. Untick Kill & Grab button on which You want to Revert Back.
  2. Now Go to “Main Dashboard” of the app & Click on pause “❚❚ ” symbol normally.
  3. Now Your Neighbor’s or Friends can use WiFi fully.

Important Note: 

This Trick is for fun or educational purpose only.We are not Responsible If anything wrong happened.Please Don’t try to Prank Public WiFi


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